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4000 Model - Bear Resistant

  • Certified as “Bear Resistant” by the North American Bear Resistant Products Testing 

  • Program by withstanding over 60 minutes of black bear contact

  • 300 gallon capacity

  • 8 feet tall and 30 inch diameter with water tight lid

  • Sunk into the ground 5 feet for ease of use for all users—ADA compliant

  • One-piece polyethylene container - no leach in or out - .375 +/- wall thickness, using 1 shot 136 lb virgin material roto-molding process with 100% Virgin Recyclable Material (zero regrind) for maximum product strength and integrity. All trimming and cutting components performed by CNC machine producing symmetrical, smooth, uniform finished product

  • Container has odour flange—no smell of trash to attract animals, birds and insects

  • Self-closing counterweighted lid with seal—ADA compliant

  • Uses 10 foot waste bag —1 use only (available in black for trash & clear for recycling)

  • Support rack with .375” thick lifting platform and web straps for lifting 10 foot waste bag

  • Containers have two exclusive to Sybertech keyed locking systems (patent pending) or a dual locking system for two padlocks to prevent vandalism (cost is the same for either locking system option)

  • Poly skirt included

  • Container has a flange at the bottom to assist with holding the one-piece constructed container in-ground, in frost and high water conditions—flange thickness = 3”

  • All stainless steel hardware

  • Standard colors and stone finishes available—custom colors upon request

Product# 4000-SC / 4000-SF


In-Ground Trash Cans PowerPoint Presentation

In-Ground Trash Cans Installation Instructions

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