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E-Z Reacher

Product Features

  • No bending, stretching, or straining, so it's easy on your back, knees and hands

  • Retrieving hard-to-reach items is a snap because the E-Z Reacher comes in both 32", 40" and 48" lengths

  • With the versatile E-Z Reacher, you can pick up objects as small as a dime or as heavy as a five-pound brick

  • The durable E-Z Reacher's replaceable rubber cups are easy to clean, and it's made of lightweight aluminum that won't rust

  • It makes a great gift for seniors, too

Product Uses

  • Reach limbs and hanging plants without ladders

  • Remove and replace spices, boxes, and cups in the kitchen and pantry

  • Reach items stored on high shelves or rafters in closets, the garage, or the tool shed

  • Pull out hard-to-reach items in the crawlspace or attic

  • Reach groceries or items high on shelves

  • Grab dirty or soiled objects you wouldn't touch with your bare hands

  • Hang holiday lights and decorations

  • Pick up trash from roadsides and walking paths

  • Remove debris from restroom waste receptacles

  • Grab litter from ponds, pools, and fountains without getting wet

  • Remove pine cones, nuts, and tree debris

  • Move small rocks

  • Dispose of dead animals

  • Replace lightbulbs in hard-to-reach spots

  • Pick up tiny items like pins or pocket change

  • Pick fruit from trees

  • Move waterhoses

  • Much, much more!

Product # 8032S-32 / Product # 8040S-40 / Product # 8048S-48


E-Z Reacher Brochure

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