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Hazardous Waste
The STI Series 2000™ Medical Waste Treatment System

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The STI Series 2000™ Medical Waste Treatment System

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Since its launch in 1995, STI 2000 products have operated under the most rigorous conditions in 24/7 commercial treatment facilities worldwide.


  • Lowest operating cost in the industry.

  • Reliable efficacy when treating blood canisters or other bulk liquids.

  • No need to segregate white bag from red bag waste.


Reliability Assures Maximum Return on Investment


  • Continuous feed improves operating efficiency and avoids batch-type autoclave function.

  • Available on demand, ready to operate without heat-up time.

  • No post shredding required.

  • Integral shredding applies live steam impingement to the homogeneous waste stream. Efficacy does not rely on conduction through bulk liquids (vacuum canisters) or insulated layers of bags or boxes.

  • Treated waste volume is reduced by up to 90%, producing a lightweight, inexpensive, solid municipal waste, minimal landfill impact and no soil, water or air pollution.

  • Institutional liability is limited because the point of generation equals the point of treatment.


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